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As many of you likely already know, YouTuber Matt Shumaker of Tech Forum took delivery of his Tesla Model 3 not long ago. He's put out some pretty nice videos with an impressive amount of detail about the Model 3. This latest video is not quite the same, however, as Matt was pulled over for speeding in his Tesla.

Matt explains that he was going about 50 mph in 45 mph zone. As he was heading down a hill, he took his foot off the accelerator pedal to coast. When he got to the bottom of the hill, he was going 47 mph as the speed limit changed to a 30 mph zone. Needless to say, Matt was going 17 mph over the speed limit. Fortunately, the police officer was very interested in his Model 3 and only issued him a warning.

You don't really have to watch the whole video (it tends to go on and on after the video of the officer) to get the moral of the story here. It's not, "If you own a Tesla you will get away with it." But rather, Tesla vehicles accelerate quickly, are very quiet, and provide a smooth ride. Going over the speed limit in these cars is very easy. We've seen many terrible accidents due to people driving the cars too fast. If you drive a Tesla, it's critical to remain well aware of its power and make safe choices.

Video Description via Tech Forum on YouTube:

Today I got pulled over for speeding in my Tesla Model 3. Kind of funny situation.


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