Tesla lightens the worry of escaping from Hurricane Florence.

Just like in the case of Hurricane Irma in 2017, Tesla tries to support those in the affected area (potential path) of Hurricane Florence before the real impact begins.

Tesla customers in Hurricane Florence’s path will be able to the use Supercharging network for free, while those who have cars with limited battery capacity (60 kWh usable from 75 kWh packs), will get access to full capacity through mid-October for more range.

We just add that Model S and Model X were for some time in the past sold with 75 kWh battery, but limited to 60 kWh, as Tesla wanted to supply cheaper cars, while needed to streamline the production at the factory to less number of pack options. Additional capacity could be unlocked at a price, through over-the-air update.

The news comes from owners on the Carolina coast (via Electrek) who received a message from Tesla:

“We are temporarily enabling your car to access additional battery capacity, as well as free Supercharging, in preparation for Hurrican Florence. We hope this gives you the peace of mind to get to a safe location, and will notify you before returning your car to its original configuration in mid-October. Badging on your display may adjust during this period. Safe travels.”

Source: Electrek

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