Tesla is on track to produce the 100,000th Model 3 by the end of this month.

According to Bloomberg's Tesla Model 3 Tracker (yes, we know it's not always 100% accurate, but it's close), cumulative production of the Tesla Model 3 stands now at 90,198 (the numbers are estimated).

While the overall pile of Model 3 is growing, the pace is a little disappointing because Bloomberg's tool shows just 3,486 units a week in the past seven days. The peak was above 5,000 at the end of June, while the target for the end of August was 6,000.

The highest registered VIN by Tesla was 112,315 (as of September 8).

With almost three weeks to the end of the quarter, Tesla still has a strong chance of reaching the milestone of the 100,000th Model 3 produced, and the majority of those cars will be from the current quarter.

Production and deliveries of the Model 3 in previous quarters thus far:

  • 2017’Q3 – 260 produced, and 222 delivered
  • 2017’Q4 – 2,425 produced and 1,542 delivered
  • 2018’Q1 – 9,766 produced and 8,182 delivered
  • 2018’Q2 – 28,578 produced and 18,440 delivered
  • 2018’Q3 – already >49,169 produced

Tesla Model 3 Tracker (Source: Bloomberg)

Tesla Model 3 Tracker (Source: Bloomberg)




Source: Tesla Model 3 Tracker