Opening the Model 3 ordering books to anyone in the U.S. has probably contributed to a bit of a backlog.

It was only a week ago today that we reported Tesla Model 3 delivery windows were being pushed up. Tesla had just hit an all time high in production with over 10,000 Model 3's in transit. The U.S. EV Tax Credit was officially safe through December. And Model 3 ordering was recently opened up to anyone in the U.S. interested in the long range models. Had the floodgates opened? While the Dual Motor Model 3 was still being listed with a 2-4 month delivery timeline, the Rear Wheel Drive and Performance models were given quicker turnarounds of 1-3 months.

Unfortunately for buyers, delivery estimates on are back to 2-4 months for RWD, AWD and P models. InsideEVs reader CCIE alerted us to the change Wednesday morning:

I’ve been looking at Model 3 ordering and noticed late last night that all models now show availability in 2-4 months. Earlier yesterday the RWD and P-AWD models showed 1-3 months.


Buyers of the Model 3 have probably realized by now that the estimates given on should be taken with a healthy bit of skepticism. It is not uncommon to place an order and have a delivery scheduled in under 2 weeks. It is also not unusual to place an order and be waiting several weeks past the expected delivery estimate.

However, from this change we can infer that orders have increased on the RWD and Performance models. Many buyers are hoping to take delivery by the end of the year and decided to take the plunge as soon as they were able. We also have not seen production levels in July quite reach the highs from the end of Q2. So demand continues to far outweigh supply and the short range model has still yet to launch.

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