Check out this YouTuber's discovery during a recent Tesla Fremont factory tour.

InternetDude just completed his second Tesla factory tour and he shares his experiences for those who may be considering taking a tour at some point. If you haven't been on a Fremont factory tour, we're here to say that it's pretty awesome. If you're a Tesla fan, and the opportunity presents itself, we'd recommend checking it out. This YouTuber makes an interesting discovery during his tour ... a lonely Tesla Model 3 Performance that was built way back on June 23rd.

At this point, those taking a Tesla factory tour can expect to see Model 3 vehicles in various stages of production, as well as a variety of completed vehicles. It would come as no surprise to stumble upon several Model 3 Performance sedans, since deliveries are supposed to start near the end of July. However, InternetDude happened upon a loaded, dual-motor, all-wheel-drive, Performance Model 3 parked out in front, away from the regular crowd of finished vehicles.

He speculates that perhaps it's going to be Elon Musk's car or that of some other upper-level Tesla executive. Regardless, InternetDude gets a chance to take a close look at it and share the video with us on YouTube. After he spends some time with the Model 3, he lets you know what to expect during a factory tour, complete with video to accompany the informative dialogue.

Video Description via InternetDude on YouTube:

Is this Elon's P3D performance Model 3? I saw this parked near the main entrance to the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California.

Watch and listen as I tell you about my Tesla factory tour experience and what to expect if you go on one. Your comments are welcome below.

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