Heavy duty construction equipment is another application that will be electrified.

One of the first examples is the Mecalac e12 - the world's first compact electric wheeled excavator.

This new vehicle is based on the conventional Mecalac 12MTX, but equipped with two electric motors for all-wheel drive and a 146 kWh LiFePO4 battery pack for up to 8 hours of work. Recharge takes 7 hours.

The Mecalac e12 is the fruit of collaboration between French manufacturer Mecalac and Dana, which supplies electric powertrains. It earned the Energy Transition Award earlier this year as part of the 2018 Intermat Innovation Awards.

Mecalac e12 - electric wheeled excavator

Mecalac e12 - electric wheeled excavator

"With the proven Mecalac 12MTX as a base frame, this version is the world's first compact wheeled excavator powered entirely by electricity.  Featuring Spicer® 112 axles and a Spicer 367 shift-on-fly transmission, the Mecalac e12 wheeled excavator delivers the range, performance, and compact size required to support modern urban construction sites."

"With an eight-hour working range, the engine compartment in the Mecalac e12 houses LiFePO4 battery technology – lithium iron phosphate for service life that is three times longer than classic batteries.  The batteries can be charged in approximately seven hours.

Dana has a long history of developing drivetrain systems for hybrid and electric vehicle architectures. The company also offers patented battery and electronic cooling technologies, along with fuel-cell technology.  In addition, Dana engineers had extensive experience with this particular application because the diesel-powered version of this vehicle also features Spicer drivetrain components."

Mecalac e12 - electric wheeled excavator

Mecalac e12 - electric wheeled excavator

Jean-Baptiste Rousseau, technologies manager at Mecalac said:

"As the European construction market embraces the trend toward zero-emission standards for small to mid-sized vehicles, our customers are demanding great strides in efficiency while also requiring reliable performance. Dana was able to adapt the 12MTX drivetrain to add electric drive capabilities within our existing vehicle architecture.  With their technical expertise and open collaboration, we developed an optimal solution and accelerated the delivery of this vehicle to market."

Aziz Aghili, president of Dana Off-Highway Drive and Motion Technologies said:

"As a Tier-One supplier, we understand that the success of electrification in the off-highway industry is driven by performance.  These technologies must support a smooth transition to fully integrated electric-drive technologies optimized within a single package, providing both electrified and conventional powertrain options. Dana's support for new energy vehicles has been considerable, and growing every year, as the importance of engineering for hybridization and electrification is further elevated throughout the industry."

Source: Mecalac via Green Car Congress

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