India tries unconventional methods to promote EVs



India is not a big market for all-electric or plug-in hybrid cars, but would like to be part of the electric revolution. The willingness to put electric cars on the roads in volume, lower emissions and fulfills the ambitions of establishing production facilities seems to be strong and perhaps even a bit desperate.

The latest decision by the government is to exempt alternatively-powered vehicles (EVs, ethanol, biodiesel, CNG, methanol and biofuel) from all permit requirements. There is no timeline for the execution.

This could, of course, make it easier to introduce more EV models, especially from smaller manufacturers, but at a cost of potential chaos and safety issues in the future.

The other announced, possible move, is mandating cab aggregators (Uber, Ola) to have a certain percentage of the fleet with an electrified powertrain.


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