Europe is now the most CHAdeMO-rich place in the world

The number of CHAdeMO chargers increases consistently over the years and after the recent update of stats by the CHAdeMO Association, it turns out that there are more CHAdeMO-compatible chargers (often multi-standard) in Europe (7,900) than in Japan (7,400), where the standard was developed and which led the way up until now.

The numbers presented seem to be rounded to full hundreds, as it's probably become difficult to track all those charging networks and new projects around the world.

The total number of 22,600 is higher than a year ago by some 6,000 chargers (or over 35%).

  • Globally - 22,600
  • Europe - 7,900
  • Japan - 7,400
  • Asia (without Japan) - 4,200
  • North America - 2,900
  • other - 200

CHAdeMO chargers worldwide - September 2018

CHAdeMO chargers worldwide - September 2018

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