Lighter rims are the trick to getting Tesla Model 3 Performance zero-to-60-mph time down yet again.

A few YouTubers that just happen to be new Tesla Model 3 Performance owners have been recording and sharing zero-to-60-mph times. As it turns out, it hasn't been uncommon for the owners to beat the 3.5-second metric published by Tesla. Eric Strait (DAErik on YouTube) took his new Model 3 Performance out early on and used his VBOX to record results around the 3.3-second mark. However, that was during a first run and the car didn't have a full charge. He headed back out later with a full charge and substantiated previous claims of a whopping 3.18-second time.

Tesla's performance figures have been known to be understated in the past, as proven with Model S zero-to-60-mph tests that were almost otherworldly for a five-seat family sedan. Not too long ago, CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the Model 3 Performance could pull off 3.3 seconds or better with the right tires and rims:

Crazily, as stated above, it easily beat that number in its stock configuration. So, how does it fare with some lighter rims? After installing T Sportline lightweight rims that shaved off about 32 pounds and adding wider rear tires, Erik took his Model 3 Performance back out to answer that question. As expected, the car broke previous records. This time, the Model 3 Performance nailed down an impressive 3.13-second time. We can only imagine that with some additional mods the number will continue to improve.

Video Description via DAErik on YouTube:

Lightweight Rims On A Tesla Performance Model 3 Improves 0-60 Time

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