Daeyoung Chaevi targets 400 kW chargers, expands to Europe.

In one of the most recent episodes, Bjørn Nyland (with support from the Korea Electric Vehicle User Association) takes us to the South Korean company Daeyoung Chaevi, which offers all kind of charging equipment from AC stations to DC chargers - currently multi-standard 50 kW and 200 kW and up to 400 kW starting next year.

Daeyoung Chaevi is maybe not well known to our regular site visitors, but it sells a lot of chargers in South Korea, China and Japan. The new important market soon will be Europe and that explains why the company invited Bjørn.

Beside chargers, Daeyoung Chaevi will supply power modules (power electronics) for chargers produced by other OEMs.

According to the interview with Daeyoung Chaevi's representatives, those chargers are reliable, compact, can withstand low temperatures like -30°C and have pretty cool long cables with a special management system that helps to keep them above ground. There is one more advantage... affordable price compared to competitors, but no price was mentioned.

Daeyoung Chaevi website: here.

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