Another brand-new review says the Tesla Model 3 is the "most incredible" car this year.

It seems more and more of the recent reviews of the Model 3 are increasingly positive. The number of publications and YouTubers posting new reviews has slowed, but that's about to change once the Model 3 Performance becomes more readily available. Nonetheless, while most of these newest looks at the popular sedan are not based on a new variant of the car, the "2018" single-motor long-range model has undergone continuous updates along the way.

This is generally true of all Tesla cars, since the automaker doesn't officially designate vehicles by model year. The early cars may have had some obvious quirks and issues, which is to be expected of a first-year car, especially early in production. However, Tesla has ironed out several problems via production adjustments and over-the-air updates. This is not to say that the Model 3 is perfect, but judging by much of the recent press, it's turning out to be a winner.

Watch the video to learn what CarVision has to share about Tesla's hugely popular, small electric sedan.

Video Description via CarVision on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Review - Why It's THE COOLEST Car You Can Buy in 2018 - CarVision’s Inesh R. reviews the 2019 Tesla Model 3 and shows you why it is the coolest car you can buy in 2018. We will highlight the Tesla Model 3 Performance, The Tesla Model 3 0-60, The Tesla Model 3 Delivery, and Tesla Model 3 Reliability. Finally, we discuss Tesla Model 3 production and delays and if it is worth the wait. We will also test out Tesla Model 3 Safety Features, Tesla Model 3 Autopilot, and check out the 15-inch center touch screen on the Tesla Model 3. Join us today and learn more about the Tesla Model 3.

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