How about some huge brakes for your Tesla Model 3?

Our good friend Sasha Anis and his aftermarket company Mountain Pass Performance are really ramping it up as the Tesla Model 3 lands in more driveways. We recently shared a track test in which the car was shown with and without some brake, tire, suspension mods. Now, we get to watch as a big brake kit is installed on the vehicle, complete with a "how to" for qualified mechanics.

While we've seen some burned up brakes on a Tesla Model 3, this was only because the car was being put through the paces at Laguna Seca. Most sedan's stock brakes are simply not made for this. Sasha told us in his last video that the stock brakes would burn up in these type of conditions. If you plan on racing your Model 3, a brake upgrade will likely be necessary.

Mountain Pass shows us its MPP Page Mill 356mm Big Brake kit and how to install them. If you know anything about cars, a brake job is not something that's considerably difficult or even that time consuming ... at least in most cases. Still, Mountain Pass reminds us that the installation process should be performed by a licensed mechanic.

Do you have aftermarket brakes on your Tesla? Which company did you choose? How are they holding up? Did you install them yourself? Please feel free to share the information with us in the comment section below or start a new thread on our InsideEVs Forum.

Video Description via Sasha Anis on YouTube:

Simple install video for our MPP Page Mill 365mm Big Brake kit. Please DO NOT attempt this installation if you are not qualified. Licensed mechanics should be the only ones touching brakes on a car!

You can read the full installation instructions here, along with tools required:



Gallery: Watch This Big Brake Install On Tesla Model 3

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