CarBuzz finally gets its first drive of the Tesla Model 3 and asks if it's truly the top dog for electric cars.

The Tesla Model 3 is surely the car that everyone is talking about. This is true not only in the electric car segment, but also in the entire automotive space. While the reviews as a whole have been mixed, there has been quite a wave of positivity as of late. Is the Model 3 a true Messiah when it comes to electric cars? How about when it comes to all cars?

Check out the CarBuzz take and let us know your thoughts in the comment section or on our InsideEVs forum. How do you think the Tesla Model 3 stacks up in the world of EVs? Does it have what it takes to be a champion among all sedans, regardless of powertrain?

Video Description via CarBuzz on YouTube:

This is the car everyone has been waiting for, a Tesla for $35,000. After suffering some production delays, the Model 3 is finally arriving in customer hands, albeit at a more expensive price than was initially promised. As of now Tesla is only selling the Model 3 with the long-range battery ($9,000) and the premium interior ($5,000). All told, this Model 3 comes with an as-tested price of $56,000. The interior has a very minimalist design, as everything is controlled on a central touchscreen. Techie individuals should have no problem with this, but the design can be distracting for people who like to control their car with buttons. The Model 3 is unlike any other car in its price category, and changes the way you think about driving. We have no doubt that it will continue to be a hot seller at its current price, but has the potential to change the world at $35,000.


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