Is the Tesla Model 3 really worth all the hype or is it too problematic?

Not unlike all Tesla vehicles, Model 3 reviews are mixed. Some people insist that this has mostly to do with agendas, while others believe the Silicon Valley automaker's cars definitely have a long list of pros and cons. No matter what you believe, the more information you can glean about a new vehicle like the Tesla Model 3, the better-informed you are to establish your own opinions. Then, you can determine if the car matches your priorities and fits your lifestyle.

When Parker from Vehicle Virgins first checked out the Model 3 (video below), it wasn't quite the same. That car was essentially in its factory configuration. This Model 3 has a long list of aftermarket mods. Parker has spent some more time with the car, and although he loves it, there are reasons he's tweaked it. He shares five things he hates about the Model 3 and how you (or Tesla) may be able to fix some of them.

  1. Quirky, nerdy, non-aggressive facade
  2. Door handles are subpar (inside and out)
  3. Center console doesn't close correctly
  4. All-season tires don't make sense
  5. Lack of a "conventionally-placed" speedometer
Watch the video for more details and to learn how Parker has resolved some of these issues.

Video Description via Vehicle Virgins on YouTube:

5 HUGE PROBLEMS With The Tesla Model 3!

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