And tells how much he paid for the privilege.

The Porsche Taycan, formerly known as the Mission-E, is probably the hottest all-electric sports sedan coming to showrooms in 2019. Is it any surprise that a Tesla Model S owner well acquainted with the thrill of electric torque might consider picking one up? Probably not. The upstart electric brand may have plenty of buzz, but Porsche has a long history to lean back on. Plus, the Taycan's styling looks super fresh.

One such future owner is Jim Roger Johansen of Norway. According to Teslarati, Johansen wanted a sweet new electric sportscar, but the only Tesla that could fill that bill — the 2020 Roadster — is a bit out of his budget at $200,000. We sympathize.

Early in the year, Mr. Johansen made his way to his local Porsche dealership and let them know he was interested in their upcoming electric rocket. In April, he was informed that pre-orders were beginning for the Scandinavian country and if he wanted to keep his place on the list, he would need to fork over 20,000 Norwegian kroner ($2,440). He happily did.

Now, he and approximately 2,300 Norwegians are waiting for their own personal examples of the car. One, we should remind, that no one has even seen the production version of yet. That's a pretty impressive achievement considering the 5.2 million population of the country. Anyhow, because of the scale of demand, Johansen doubts he will see his new car next year, and hopes it will at least arrive in 2020.

The situation reminds us that Porsche Taycan pre-ordering is already underway in the U.S. and that for $2,500, you too can be put on the official list. Of course, that is if your local dealer is still accepting deposits. We understand that some have already reached their limit and aren't accepting more pre-orders.

If you do manage to make it onto the waitlist, let us know over on the InsideEVs Forum. We'd love to hear your (eventual) ownership story.

Source: Teslarati

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