MKBHD confirms 1G acceleration.

We've been dying to see the Tesla Model 3 Performance in action. The only footage available of it so far has been that clip of it skidding around the skid pad in tire-smoking fashion and that was just enough to whet our appetite. Now, it looks as though a solid video is on its way, and the driver will be Marques Brownlee.

The YouTube star is known for getting his hands on all the latest gadgets, and now it appears as if he's done it again, posting a  photo of the quick version of the mid-size sedan. There's no video yet, but we're certain it will drop pretty soon. Tesla has said that customers will start receiving their copies of the performance variant in late July, which is pretty soon.

Brownlee already owns a Model S P100D and has reviewed a Model 3, so we're not sure yet if this is his personal car. We do know from his tweet that it's sporting 20-inch wheels and has special modes. We also know from his postings that he has the car at a track somewhere and that he was having trouble with the camera he was using because the g-force was causing it to turn off to protect itself. Said he of the predicament, ".turns out when you accelerate hard enough, you pull 1 G and it triggers that stop."

If you decide to haunt his YouTube channel waiting for the video to drop, you may be waiting awhile. The tweet, which we've embedded below, hints, "How hard do we go for IGTV?" We've downloaded the new Instagram video app ourselves (kinda sweet, really) in preparation.

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