Where are all those finished Tesla Model 3 sedans that have yet to be delivered?

The above question has been popping up quite often in our InsideEVs comment section. Just the other day, we reported that Tesla had passed 50,000 Model 3s produced, according to Bloomberg's tracker. However, we want to remind you that the tracker is not necessarily accurate on a short-term basis, but it paints a fair picture. Our monthly sales scorecard doesn't show 50k Model 3s delivered. What gives?

Since there are so many potential situations and variables here, it would be very hard to put a finger on it. Additionally, as we estimate Tesla delivery numbers, a lot of work is involved and we can't divulge or explain all of our methods. Some obvious factors include (but are not limited to), showroom and test-drive vehicles, deliveries in Canada, and a long list of Model 3 vehicles in transit, as reported by Tesla.

According to this Tweet from Model 3 Owners Club, the latter is proving very true. It will be interesting to see how many of these vehicles Tesla can deliver in July:


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