The market share of plug-in passenger cars in France averages 1.8% so far this year.

During the first eight months of 2018, more than 32,000 new passenger cars were sold in France, which is probably some one fifth more than a year ago.

YTD stats:

  • Passenger BEVs: 17,542 registrations (up 16.4%)
  • Passenger REx (i3 REx): 753 registrations (up 19.9%)
  • Passenger PHEVs: 9,033 registrations (up 73.4%)
  • Light commercial BEVs: 4,679 registrations (up 52.3%)
  • Total: 32,007

Renault ZOE remains the top-selling plug-in model with 9,358 new registrations YTD, followed by Nissan LEAF (3,001) and BMW i3 (1,604, including 753 REx). The Renault Kangoo Z.E. is at some 2,400 so far.

Plug-in car sales in France (Source: L’Avere-France)

Plug-in car sales in France (Source: L’Avere-France)

Source: L’Avere-France

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