Usage of Corri-Door fast chargers improve but is still low.

A few years ago, France launched a DC fast charging project - Corri-Door with 200 chargers (three-head: (CHAdeMO, Combo and AC Type 2 with power around 50 kW) installed along major routes.

According to Sodetrel, which operates the network, the July-August period brings high growth of charger usage, as many motorists have recharged their battery driving on vacations.

In total, 8,850 charging sessions were recorded (4,047 in July and 4,776 in August), which is 60% more than a year ago.

Summer results were also 60% higher than regular months, however taking into consideration the number of chargers, on average each noted just 22 charges a month, which is less than one per day.

This level of utilization is not even close to being able to earn on charging services, while we must remember those were two peak months for long-distance travel in France. The costs of charging is €1 for every 5 minutes of use.

Several more years of rapid growth would be required to cover the costs of the service, we believe.

Source: Sodetrel via L’Avere-France