The EPA has just revealed the official efficiency and range ratings for both the dual-motor and Performance versions of the Tesla Model 3.

As we alluded to the other day, the MPGe rating comes in at a combined 116 MPGe for the Performance version of the Model 3. The breakdown is as follows though:

  • 120 MPGe City
  • 112 MPGe Highway
  • 116 MPGe Combined
The rated range for this Performance version of the Model 3 is 310 miles. It consumes 29 kWh of energy per 100 miles, according to the EPA.

The other dual-motor version of the Model 3, the non-performance variant, was rated by the EPA too. It's numbers are somehow listed as identical to the Performance variant, meaning it to gets a 310-mile range rating, as well as identical MPGe and energy consumption figures.

Of note is that the dual-motor Model 3 variants are indeed slightly less efficient than the single-motor, long-range Model 3, which consumes 26-kWh of juice per 100 miles.

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