On June 26, Momentum Dynamics commissioned America's second 200 kW wireless charging system for electric buses in Chattanooga, TN.

The first one was installed at Link Transit from Wenatchee,Washington state, while the second system went to the Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) Shuttle Park in Chattanooga, TN.

The charging of BYD-supplied electric buses starts automatically while loading and unloading passengers, which sound like an alternative to pantograph-based roof-charging.

Momentum Dynamics encourages that additional wireless charging systems will be installed in the U.S. this year and multiple installations are planned for Europe in 2019.

200 kW Momentum Dynamics wireless charging system in BYD bus (source: KPQ.com)

200 kW Momentum Dynamics wireless charging system in BYD bus (source: KPQ.com)

"On-route high power charging is a critical milestone in growing the world's fleet of battery electric municipal buses. Electric buses can now outperform diesel-fueled and hybrid buses in terms of the all-important measure of driving range – while eliminating toxic tailpipe emissions to zero and dramatically reducing costs of operation. The Momentum charging system is safe, fast, efficient and has the lowest total cost of ownership for any high-power charging solution. The system is installed in the roadway, which allows buses to be recharged multiple times per day during their scheduled stops. In this short period of time, the battery of the bus receives enough energy to allow the bus to complete another circulation loop, thereby enabling unlimited driving range."

Lisa Maragnano, Executive Director of CARTA said:

"We are excited about this opportunity to expand our electric bus fleet that enhances the services provided to the citizens of Chattanooga and Hamilton County for a better quality of life. Through the partnership with Momentum Dynamics and BYD, our new electric buses charge fast, efficiently and run emissions free all day."

Momentum's CEO Andrew Daga said:

"It's a privilege to partner with CARTA and install their first wireless charging system for their fleet of electrical buses. The timing couldn't be more perfect. Throughout the world, transit agencies are grappling with driving range for longer routes. We designed our technology to specifically answer this escalating need in order to accelerate the transition to electric mass transit."

"Limited driving range is regarded as the key roadblock to the adoption of electric vehicles. To replace fossil fuel buses with electric buses, an alternative to overnight plug-in charging must be used to allow for extended operations.  On-route wireless charging allows an electric bus to drive any route in any city with unlimited driving range."

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