Oddly enough, a self-proclaimed gearhead is the lead for the project and he's got quite a story to tell.

In a long and drawn out Medium post, Ford's Team Edison director leaked out the first teaser image of the Mustang-inspired electric car, which he refers to as "our electric Mustang-inspired utility."

Ford previously confirmed the electric Mustang-inspired car back in May with this statement in its Q1 report:

Making a full commitment to new propulsion choices, including adding hybrid-electric powertrains to high-volume, profitable vehicles like the F-150, Mustang, Explorer, Escape and Bronco. The company’s battery electric vehicle rollout starts in 2020 with a performance utility, and it will bring 16 battery-electric vehicles to market by 2022.

But this is the first time we're seeing what could potentially be a sketch of the rear of the car. Additionally, the 300-mile range figure wasn't made public until now.

What follows are some excerpts from Darren Palmer, Ford Team Edison Global Product Development Director:

You’d think after 28 years of working for the same company that nothing would surprise me. I’ve been fortunate enough to work for Ford across many amazing teams on many exciting assignments, most recently leading development of the next-generation Mustang. But earlier this year I received a call that would challenge everything I thought I knew about Ford and our future. I was asked to lead product development for a brand-new team, Ford Team Edison, focusing exclusively on electrified vehicles for both Ford and Lincoln. And to be successful, this new team had to be willing to challenge every truth and every process we had developed over the course of our careers.

This particular passage is especially intriguing:

Having just taken delivery of a Shelby GT350R, those in the dark about electric vehicles might think that they chose the wrong guy in that I’m a Mustang enthusiast. But as my team and I have quickly found out, the new generation of electric vehicles is just as exciting — only different. Different can be good. Very good. And it’s opened our eyes to a whole new Ford. The stakes are high. The challenge higher. We are being tasked to set the future trajectory of the company, and Team Edison is up for that challenge.

Palmer concludes with this:

Electric vehicle customers are buying into the future and our team is 100 percent focused on not only delivering vehicles they will love, but providing an entire electric vehicle ecosystem that works flawlessly. It’s exciting to know that my stint leading development of the next-generation Mustang actually comes full circle as we get ready to launch our electric Mustang-inspired utility. I, for one, can’t wait to have one — side-by-side — with my Shelby GT350R.

You'll find Palmer's entire article, titled "The Stakes Are High: Inside the Team Developing Ford’s New Generation of Electric Vehicles" here on Medium.

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