The Tesla Model 3 just set a new monthly sales record for electric cars

And this time we aren't talking about just here in the U.S. We're going global with this one.

With an estimated 17,800 sales of Model 3 in U.S. (and maybe a few hundred more in Canada), Tesla set in August a new record for an electric car in a single month. Worldwide.

The previous record was held by the BAIC EC-series, which in November 2017 noted 15,719 deliveries (it was one of several results above 10,000 for the model). Because we don't expect the BAIC EC-series to be above 10,000 in August and since there is no other BEV or PHEV even close to such volume, the record for the Model 3 is for certain.

As you can see on the graph below, the Tesla Model 3 continues to move up, and is not even in halfway yet to the ultimate target of 10,000 cars a week.

Tesla Model 3 sales in U.S. (estimated) – August 2018

Tesla Model 3 sales in U.S. (estimated) – August 2018

For sure August will be a month to remember, not only for the impressive volume of sales for the Model 3, but for the overall volume in the U.S. too.

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