Be prepared as the floodgates open and we begin to see a barrage of Tesla Model 3 Performance images and videos.

YouTuber Marc Benton stumbled upon a red Tesla Model 3 Performance in Buena Park, CA. You'd better bet he took video and rushed to get it up on YouTube. This may be the first video of a Model 3 Performance "in the wild." Of, course, it's not in the hands of an owner or out driving on the road just yet. However, it's on the lot ready to go, which is a bit different than seeing it tweeted by Musk coming off the assembly line.

It makes perfect sense that this car is on the lot and seemingly ready for delivery or soon on its way to a Tesla store to be used as a test-drive unit. The automaker already confirmed that 90 test-drive Model 3 Performance sedans were en route to stores throughout the country. Tesla also confirmed that this particular variant of the popular all-electric car will be shipping to customers in late July.

The base Tesla Model 3 Performance starts at $64,000. If you add white seats ($1,500), premium paint ($1,500), and the Performance Package ($5,000), the car is priced at $72,000. This $72,000 configuration is $6,000 less than the $78,000 price tag CEO Elon Musk originally tweeted out. You can also choose to add Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving, which will cost $5,000 and $3,000, respectively, at the time of purchase. Adding these after delivery costs more.

Video Description via Marc Benton on YouTube:

Tesla Performance Model 3 - P3D - Buena Park, CA

First video of a Performance Model 3?

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