Only the camera rolls in this first video.

Bjorn Nyland has gotten his hands on the 2019 Kia Niro EV. As the best-known electric vehicle YouTuber in all of Norway (perhaps the world),  he's well-acquainted with the handful of all-electric crossovers about to hit showrooms. He recently had a first drive in the Jaguar I-Pace and has also raced the Hyundai Kona Electric for 600 miles. He even owns a Tesla Model X which serves as a sort of benchmark for what the other brands are bringing. All that to say, he is well qualified to sit in this car and judge.

Now, this footage is limited to a non-driving review — an on-the-road-report is on the way — but that's ok because it gives our host plenty of time to go over all the details in the cabin of the Korean car. He checks out the quality of all the surfaces, runs through many of the menus on both the middle console and the driver's display, revealing many cool features. It's not all about the driver too, as he spends time in the back seat as well as the behind the rear hatch.

It's here that his familiarity with the Hyundai Kona Electric pays off. The two vehicles are built on the same platform, and though the Kia is a separate brand and the Niro EV a slightly larger vehicle, they still seem to share a number of physical elements as well as software. This dual usage across brands is something that really pays off for owners, as the synergy of the brands leads to lower cost, which in turn allows for better pricing.

Overall, you can tell Bjorn is quite pleased with the new Niro EV, even ahead of the driving experience. If you were considering the Kona Electric, it may even give you pause. It should be interesting to see how they compare when the rubber hits the road.

Source: YouTube

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