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It's hard to believe it, but indeed it's true. In the month of August, the Tesla Model 3 alone outsold all passenger cars from BMW.

And we don't have to add any asterisks(*) either.

Tesla Model 3 Sales Hit Epic Volume In August

Tesla Model 3 sales in August hit an estimated 17,800 units, an all-time high for any plug-in electric car ever. Surely that's impressive, but what if we look at it in a slightly broader way.

Like, for example, how does that 17,800-unit figure stack up against say BMW passenger car sales. And no, we don't mean just 3 Series sales, but rather all passenger car sales by BMW in the U.S. for the month of August.

Well, short answer is that BMW loses. Here's a look at that sales figure:

  • BMW passenger cars August 2018 - 14,450
And here's the model-by-model breakdown:


We were tipped off by this Tweet:

So, can we now safely say the Tesla Model 3 is a sales success? We firmly believe so.

**Lead image via 28_delays_later

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