The Model 3 Performance Dual Motor model could be delivered in as soon as one month after an order is placed

Coming just days after Tesla opened the ordering books for the Model 3 to everyone, there's more great news from the California based car maker. Tesla has once again improved the delivery schedule times for its electric sedan.

According to information currently available on their website, if you order Tesla Model 3 with rear-wheel drive or the Performance version with the same drivetrain, featuring the long-range battery and the premium interior, you could see wait times as short as one month. This marks a huge improvement for anyone that wishes to order the entry level all-electric sedan.

To put things into perspective, back in May, Tesla was able to reduce the wait time for new reservations for the rear-wheel drive, long-range battery version of the Model 3 in the U.S. from a whopping 12 to 18 months to a new wait time of just four to six months. And mind you, this was less than three months ago.

Tesla Motors is on a rampage regarding their production output. Currently, the cumulative production volume for the Model 3 exceeded 50,000 units. However, the output decreased from a peak 5,000 to roughly 3,500 a week. But, the output is expected to return to approximately the 5,000 mark rather soon, allowing Tesla to further shave off delivery times for their vehicles.

Tesla Model 3 Delivery Times

If Tesla can keep up the production rate increase, more and more people will get to receive their highly-coveted all-electric sedan quicker. Right now, according to information available on the official website, customers ordering either the Performance dual motor all-wheel drive or the rear-wheel-drive model, packed with the long-range battery and premium interior, will see a wait time of 1-3 months. For those ordering a dual motor all-wheel drive with the same interior, will see a wait time of approximately 2-4 months. A huge improvement over the last estimated delivery times we saw just a week ago.

However, the customers that wish to order the Model 3 with a standard battery will still be faced with 6-9 month long wait times.

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