Autotrader says the redesigned 2018 Nissan LEAF is a great place to start if you're looking to "go green and save big."

Despite all the negativity surrounding the Nissan LEAF and battery degradation, it's a fantastic car for many people. If this statement wasn't true, it wouldn't be one the top-selling EVs across the globe. Moreover, the 2018 model ups the ante considerably while remaining affordable in comparison to its few rivals.

These Autotrader videos are excellent since most of us lead very busy lives. The publication gives us 90-second stats about the car. This means you don't have to heavily invest yourself to get the basic lowdown on a vehicle before diving deeper.

It's important to note that if the current LEAF's range isn't enough for you and/or you still have concerns about its lack of active thermal battery management, another variant is on the way. Nissan will soon release a 2019 model with a potential 60-kWh battery pack, over 225 miles of range, and some form of active cooling for the battery. The starting price is TBD, however, multiple sources say will cost approximately $35,000.

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For those who are even remotely considering going electric, the 2018 Nissan Leaf is a great place to start. Not only has Nissan completely redesigned the car, they have also made some impressive improvements. We have some stats on what the latest Leaf has to offer.

150-mile range

With a 150-mile range, the Leaf improves about 40 percent from the previous generation. That's a substantial improvement, especially with today's long-ranging driving. There is also an ECO mode you can drive in, which assists the car in achieving the best possible range.

147 horsepower

The Leaf kicks out a pretty solid 147 hp, which is an improvement as well. Driving or riding in an electric car is definitely a different driving experience than driving or riding in a gas-powered vehicle. The Leaf has more than enough power for zipping around town, and it's actually a pretty fun drive.

60/40-split seats

The Leaf is a hatchback, and usually, that translates to more versatility. The 60/40-split rear seats have 23.6 cu ft. of space behind them and fold down almost all the way flat. With the back seats folded, there is 30 cu ft., a decent amount of cargo space.

17-inch alloys

The full redesign of the Leaf is impressive. Nissan designers really changed the look. There are three trim levels, and the top SL trim level boasts 17-in machine-finished alloys and a rear spoiler. It also comes equipped with heated mirrors, LED headlights and UV-reducing solar glass.


There are available high-end features inside the Leaf, especially on the higher SL trim level, such as heated seats, a heated steering wheel and a 7-speaker Bose energy-efficient sound system. However, it doesn't offer a telescope steering wheel and the storage space is a bit limited.

Autotrader Says

The 2018 Nissan Leaf has a fresh new look and a fairly reasonable $30,000 starting price. This is one of the world's best-selling electric cars, and the newest version is certainly a great way to go green and save big.

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