Tesla Model S defends the honors of the EV car world against some rather interesting competition

Certainly, this video leaves more to be desired for in the filming department as well as the information provided, but it does give us a clear-cut showcase of the sheer off the line speed that the Tesla Model S comes with. Held at the 2018 Street Takeover in Charlotte, North Carolina, this four-way race gives us a battle between some rather unusual combatants.

With the aforementioned Tesla Model S defending the honors of the electric car world, the video states it was joined by a Chevrolet Camaro, a Mazda Miata and a Mitsubishi EVO. Perhaps that was in a previous race since it's been pointed out that the video uploader was incorrect. The footage clearly shows a Mustang, Honda S2000, and a Mazda 6.

While the exact specifications of the three challengers to the Model S aren't revealed, we can make a pretty accurate guest estimate. Judging by how the cars sound and how some of them pull off the line, all feature some kind of forced induction, giving them an abundance of power and torque. This means well over 500 horsepower for these drag queens, with the lightness of the Miata proving to be a deciding factor in this race.

However, as you will see from the video below, not even that was enough to dethrone the production car drag king in the form of the Tesla Model S. Clearly, the rest of the car world needs to go back to the drawing board if they intend to beat the Model S in its weight category of the drag world.

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