BYD is getting bigger and bigger orders for electric buses in Europe - one of the recent is for 42 articulated buses for Norway’s capital city, Oslo.

It's positive to see that Norway, the world's capital of electric cars, now is switching to electric buses.

The fleet will be delivered to Nobina in the second-quarter of 2019 and will join two first BYD 18m ebuses that were tested since December. With a total of 44 buses, Nobina will have the biggest fleet of articulated electric buses in Scandinavia.

BYD add that the buses will be equipped for pantograph fast charging.

Nobina intends to replace the current fleet of diesel vehicles using EVs on the routes in the Oslo area and in particular in the east of the capital city.

Jan Volsdal, managing director of Nobina, said:

“Over the next ten years Oslo is planning to run a zero emission public transport system and we, together with BYD, are making a big contribution to make this plan come true. We have good experiences with the two BYD artics that have been running in Oslo for half a year including the challenging winter months and we have confidence that the new fleet’s performance will meet our expectations.”

Isbrand Ho, Managing Director at BYD Europe:

“We are very delighted that Nobina has chosen BYD again to run their routes in Oslo and to demonstrate the effectiveness of BYD’s 18m artics in delivering an intensive, high capacity service. We offer various charging solutions, such as pantograph charging to our customers to meet their requirements on operational mileages.”

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