Tesla Model 3 orders may be open to everyone in North America, but you're still out of luck if you want that base $35,000 model

Finally, you are no longer required to hold a reservation in order to purchase a Model 3.

Tesla has opened its ordering system for everyone in the U.S. wanting to order their electric vehicle. Even if you're not looking to order, you can still go through the configuration process and play around with what might be your future Model 3.


Tesla Model 3 Ordering Configuration Screenshot

Tesla may be through the perfect storm that is their production process woes, but it's still not ready to sell the $35,000 base model it promised us a long time ago. According to current data on their website, people wanting to order a Model 3 with a standard battery are faced with a 6-9 month wait time.

For anyone that wants to order a Model 3 with a reasonable wait time, you must choose the aforementioned long-range battery and premium interior, pushing the minimum price up to $49,000 - before tax breaks. Everything else regarding its configuration is up to you: a choice between a rear-wheel or all-wheel drive, Performance version, Autopilot, color, wheels and other items.

And yes, the car looks incredible with a Deep Blue Metallic paint finish and those 20” wheels and improved brakes, all part of the Performance Upgrade option. For a $5,000 price hike, you get those two items, alongside a carbon fiber spoiler, aluminum alloy pedals and finally, the Model 3's top speed increased from 145mph to 155mph.


According to our sources, reservation holders still get first dibs on the car. This means that, even if you ordered today, you'll still gonna be faced with a long time before your delivery actually takes place. Currently, according to Tesla, the company estimates that delivery times could be, in consecutive order: 1-3 months for a rear-wheel-drive version, with a long-range battery and premium interior,  approximately 2-4 months for the dual motor versions and the same battery and interior, and 1-3 months for the dual motor, all-wheel-drive version with the same battery and interior options.

Naturally, these lead times could go up or down. However, it's good to see that Tesla has pushed its Model 3 production output to such levels that the company is confident to make regular orders available. Hopefully, they'll cut the lead times and allow for a timely delivery for anyone ordering a Model 3 in the forthcoming months.

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