Porsche officially announced that its first fast-charging station at the Berlin-Adlershof Technology Park featuring 800-volt technology was recently connected to the grid.

It's been quite some time since we learned about the first installation in July 2017, but the 350 kW chargers provided by Porsche Engineering Services GmbH weren't available for use even if by some miracle someone stole a Porsche Taycan prototype to give it a try. Now that it's tied to the grid, the chargers are ready for action.

The German manufacturer encourages that 800 V voltage will help to send high-power at lower current and thus enable ultra-fast charging in 20 minutes.

"Four customer parking spaces at the dealership are equipped with the Porsche charging infrastructure. Two of these spaces feature the new 800-volt charging technology developed by Porsche Engineering Services GmbH as a pioneer of the “Porsche Turbo Charging” concept. At the moment, DC fast-charging stations for electric cars normally operate at a voltage level of around 400 volts. Depending on the charging power in kW, the charging time for a range of 400 kilometres is currently between 40 and 80 minutes. Increasing the voltage level to 800 volts significantly reduces the charging time to less than 20 minutes for the same range.

The spaces at Berlin-Adlershof are now available for fast charging vehicles equipped with a Combined Charging System connector. The Porsche Taycan will be the first series-production vehicle to feature the 800-volt technology, and is due to arrive on the market in 2019."

The charging process was illustrated using screens from the app that shows transfer of 75 kW at 500 V, but without much details. We hoped to see maybe something in the range of 200-300 kW.

Porsche fast charging at up to 800-volt technology

Porsche fast charging at up to 800-volt technology

"A pilot project for testing the innovative technology

Construction of the 800-volt charging infrastructure at the Berlin-Adlershof site was implemented as a pilot project for testing the innovative technology and gathering experience with a view to integrating a fast charging park at other Porsche Centres. “In this rapidly evolving world of mobility, we are consistently preparing ourselves for the launch of the first fully electric Porsche model, the Taycan”, says Karsten Sohns, Managing Director of Porsche Deutschland GmbH. “Having an appropriate charging infrastructure at our Porsche sites and beyond is an essential component of our strategy.”

The charging park is available for charging all electric vehicles for free during normal opening hours at the Porsche Centre Berlin-Adlershof. The Porsche Centre is able to provide detailed information about the charging process."

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