Tesla Motors made a smart move towards a faster & more streamlined delivery process

The last few weeks saw Tesla Motors gearing up their production towards more en masse deliveries to Model 3 reservation holders. The company surpassed 7,000 vehicles produced in a single week, with 5,000 of those being the Model 3 and its now facing a new problem: how to get all those vehicles delivered, without ruining the customer experience. Tesla's answer is a new "Sign & Drive" delivery program.

In a nutshell, this allows future Tesla Model 3 owners to drive away with their new electric vehicle in as little as five minutes, avoiding any possible delays at Tesla delivery centers.

The program - in its core - underlies preparation. Reservation holders are advised to familiarize themselves with the ins & outs of the Model 3, thus preparing them for an easy delivery. The Tesla fanbase is rather familiar and well informed with their products already, so this seems like a rather smart move by the car maker. After all, who wouldn't love to come to the delivery center, check in, sign the paperwork and in just five minutes be out the door, well on their way and exploring what their freshly smelling Model 3 can do?

The information about this all-new delivery process was recently revealed by a Model 3 reservation holder and r/TeslaMotors subreddit member u/rastal3x. Below, you will find a text of Tesla's announcement sent to Model 3 reservation holders.


For Tesla, it's all about shaving time. Whether its production time or the sheer delivery time, it doesn't really matter. For the company, programs like these help to improve the user experience and expedite the delivery process. But, they also help cut costs and improve the bottom line. Less time spent in the delivery facility also means that less staff is needed to perform the delivery itself. And with reports of some Model 3 deliveries taking over an hour or more to complete, this program clearly has a solid data-driven foundation.

Source: Teslarati

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