Tesla is registering new VINs quicker than ever and this latest batch is all for Dual-Motor All-Wheel-Drive cars.

Just last week we shared that Tesla had registered 6,160 new Model 3 VINs (vehicle identification numbers), pushing the grand total up to 62,557 Model 3 VIN registrations to date. That batch was almost all Long Range (single-motor) Model 3s, though the preceding week the automaker registered 2,237 VINs, almost all of which were for the dual-motor vehicles.

Now, we see another 6,032 new Model 3 VINs registered with the NHTSA. This time, an estimated 100 percent of the registrations are for dual-motor Model 3 sedans. The new, highest VIN number has climbed to 69,601.

It's really starting to seem like Tesla has ironed out all of the production issues and it's clear that the "tent" was a much-needed addition in Fremont. Aside from the most recent 10-day shutdown, what may have been some precautionary measures in June to not push too far past the magic 200k number, and the brief worker break thereafter, it appears as though the automaker is pushing forward now without pause.


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