Europe remained the biggest market for the new Nissan LEAF in June and the LEAF is still the best selling all-electric model in Europe.

The Japanese company reports 3,377 LEAFs sold last month in Europe (making it the fifth best-selling Nissan there), which is roughly 500 more than in May, but not spectacular.

Interesting is that in Europe the LEAF was more popular than in the next three markets combined (1,462 in Japan, 1,367 in U.S. and 492 in Canada - total 3,321).

Disappointing are results in the U.S. because a few years ago the first-generation LEAF was able to attract 2,500 customers monthly on average (year 2014). Do you think this drop is the result of the Tesla Model 3 and Chevrolet Bolt EV (other models with longer-range) being on the market? Or are other factors in play here? Maybe rapidgate?

Anyways, Nissan is expected to note around 7,000 total LEAF sales in June, which still makes it one of the top plug-in models in the world.

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