Tesla has been anti-selling the Model 3 ever since production began, but that's not the case moving forward.

Early reports suggested that Tesla was trying to convince people to leave their Model 3 dreams behind and choose the automaker's pricier and more tried-and-true siblings. Being that Model 3 production was slow to start and deliveries were few and far between, it made sense for Tesla to at least attempt to get people in a Model S or Model X.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk admitted that the automaker was, in fact, doing all it could to "not sell" the car. Salespeople were even reaching out to reservation holders to try to convince them to buy a Model S instead. Obviously, people could get in a Tesla vehicle much sooner if they opted for a Model S or X. Then, potentially, in a few years, they could trade it in and opt for a Model 3. Also, being a Tesla owner meant that moving up in the Model 3 reservation queue.

Once Model 3 production began to ramp up more significantly, we stopped hearing much about this anti-sell situation. Now, according to Electrek, Tesla has actually started to push the pricier Model 3 Performance variant. The automaker continues to add Model 3 vehicles to multiple showrooms, has finally started offering test drives, and is reportedly providing incentives to its sales team for selling the Performance version. The story claims that employees are earning a $300 commission for every "P" version sold, however, we have no way of validating this information and nothing has come from Tesla officially.

Nonetheless, this makes perfect sense since the Model 3 Performance costs more and likely generates more revenue for the automaker. It follows the same reasoning that Musk has spoken of when talking about why the base Model 3 is not yet available. While Tesla works to move toward profitability, pushing higher margin vehicles will achieve that goal sooner. This is exactly why the automaker wanted people to buy the more expensive Model S and X vehicles early on, rather than waiting for a Model 3.

The fact that so many people reserved the Model 3 "sight unseen" is fascinating. Moreover, the car wasn't even in showrooms for months, and once it was, you couldn't drive it. Some people were waiting to see one in person, while others insisted that they must actually test drive the car before placing an order. According to Mercury News, four Bay Area stores began offering test drives to reservation holders last week. Over the weekend, Tesla added more locations with test-drive availability.

The automaker hasn't commented on whether or not people without reservations will be able to test drive the car. Now that a reservation isn't required, it only makes sense that eventually anyone should be able to take the Model 3 for a spin, as long as there's a location in your area that offers the test drives or you're willing to travel.

Source: Electrek, Mercury News

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