The Toyota Prius Prime (also known as Prius Plug-In) is currently the second best selling plug-in electric car in the U.S. and one of the most popular globally (but mostly thanks to North America and Japan).

***UPDATE - New video in series added directly below:

Here is the second video from the series, with an in-depth look at the Prius Prime battery pack:

The 8.8 kWh battery utilized in Prius Prime enables it to go 25 miles (EPA) in all-electric mode. Thanks to professor John D. Kelly at Weber State University (WSU), we can now take a look at the battery pack.

In the first part of the disassembly video, we learn mostly about the battery pack and related components, not so much related to the Panasonic-supplied cells.

  • 8.79 kWh battery (25 miles of EPA all-electric range)
  • 95 lithium-ion cells (3.7 V and 25 Ah) in a series (5 stacks with 19 cells each)
  • air-cooled pack
  • nominal voltage 351.5 V
There will be follow up videos onthe Prius Prime:

"This is the first is a series of videos on the Toyota Prius Prime. This episode covers the removal of the 8.79kWh 351.5 Volt 25 Ah air-cooled battery from a 2017 Toyota Prius Prime PHEV. The components shown and operation will be similar to many other plug-in hybrid electric vehicles."

2017 Toyota Prius Prime - HV Battery Removal (Source: WeberAuto)

2017 Toyota Prius Prime - HV Battery Removal (Source: WeberAuto)

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