The all-new 2019 Jaguar I-Pace takes home two major awards, and we feel the praise has only just begun.

AutoExpress chooses its Car of the Year based on a vehicle that moves to adapt and forward the entire industry in a positive manner. According to the publication, the Jaguar I-Pace has already done just that.

AutoExpress shares:

The world is on the cusp of a step change when it comes to personal transport, and the I-Pace gives us the ability to peer into the future. It’s a premium electric car that doesn’t demand much in the way of compromise, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with technology.

As Jaguar’s first effort at an electric vehicle, it’s a triumph. It offers performance that would humble some sports cars, practicality to shame some SUVs and the premium image many buyers seek.

The publication goes on to commend the Jaguar commitment to innovation and advanced technology. According to AutoExpress, the I-Pace provides a welcome balance of speed and comfort, while being practical and refined. The fact that it seems to cover all the bases so well is a testament to Jaguar's pursuits. AutoExpress points out that it's especially impressive when considering that the automaker was able to make such incredible strides with its first all-electric offering.

To top it off, the 2019 I-Pace also earned the AutoExpress 2018 Premium Electric Car of the Year award. The publication also gives credit to the BMW i3 and Tesla Model S. AutoExpress writes:

Up until now if you wanted a premium electric vehicle your choice was basically limited to some kind of Tesla, but Jaguar has arrived and moved the goalposts with its all-electric I-Pace SUV.

Jag has beaten its German rivals to the punch, delivering a technical tour de force in a premium package that breaks new ground in the class.

None of this comes as any surprise if you've read the raving reviews all over the internet. We had a chance to spend a few days in the I-Pace and would happily award the vehicle ourselves. Additionally, Motor1's Brandon Turkus enjoyed the recent Jaguar I-Pace experience in Portugal and shares our views.


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