Tesla's quarterly Model 3 production goal unthreatened though.

According to the latest reports, Tesla missed its target of producing 6,000 Model 3 a week by the end of August, or even repeating 5,000 a week, but the automaker is producing enough Model 3 to achieve its quarterly goal of 50,000-55,000.

Electrek's sources say that only 6,400 cars were made in the last seven days of August, including 4,300 Model 3.

Quarterly it was 53,000 (including 34,700 Model 3). With one more month until the end of the quarter, the outlook for achieving the anticipated growth marks are solid.

Earlier reports estimated that Model 3 production exceeded 6,000 at least for a while and that cumulatively 80,000 were made since the beginning of the Summer of 2017.

Regardless of the exact numbers, Model 3 is now the top-selling electric car in the world.

In just two days, we'll report on August sales of all plug-in vehicles, including the Tesla Model 3. Anyone want to guess at Model 3 sales in the U.S. for August? We've got a figure in mind. How 'bout you?



Source: Electrek