Tesla opened new stations or added stalls to existing stations at 24 different locations during the past week alone.

For Tesla, turning a profit in the last two quarters will be the company's main focus this year. Consequently, some of Tesla's programs may be slowing down, as they began to be starved for cash flow, as funding gets redirected to production and delivery needs. In turn, this may result in a lessened activity in some areas of the company's operations. But, Superchargers seem to be out of reach by the spending cut, judging by recent developments.

Last week, Tesla Motors deployed a record number of their Superchargers, deploying both upgrades to existing facilities and opening up new ones all across the world. While some Supercharger installations simply received new stalls - improving capacity - some of these Superchargers were brought online on completely new locations - all for a total of more than 250 superchargers in the space of a single week. Overall, Tesla opened new stations or added stalls to their existing stations at 24 different locations during the past week alone.

Last month, Tesla's Supercharger network reached an important milestone: over 10,000 Superchargers are now available globally, with more coming. This is great news for all current and future Tesla owners, as their Supercharger network seems to be expanding into previously untouched territories. In turn, more and more owners will turn to Tesla for their new luxury sedan, as charging options and range on longer trips made most of these users shun the option of buying a Tesla car in the last few years.

In more long-term plans, Tesla Motors plans to roll out their third-generation "V3" Supercharger, later this year. The ‘Tesla Supercharger V3’ is set to arrive with over 350 kW power output and obtain off-grid solar and Powerpack systems. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, has delayed the reveal of this new Supercharger system for a while now. The first timeline was this summer, but it seems that has been pushed to a later date. Overall, the availability of Superchargers is certainly going to impact Tesla's sales in the long run.

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