Almost worth the wait...almost

Here is another review of the Tesla Model 3 - this time it's like a general overview from New York Daily News Autos, who calls the Model 3 almost worth the wait.

In short, the Tesla Model 3 is considered as impressive tech and superb handling, with excellent acceleration. There is a lot to like in the Model 3, even despite some quirks.

"Despite its quirks, the Model 3 remains an impressive achievement on Tesla’s end. It’s a “reasonably” priced all-electric supercomputer on wheels capable of providing a fun and fulfilling driving experience to even the most fussy automotive enthusiasts."

The review notes that for now it's hard to find a Model 3 for under $50,000, despite a year ago it being advertised as a $35,000 car (before federal tax credit) - well, the reason is that the cheap version has been hugely delayed, as is often the case with entry-level Teslas.

"No doubt, the Model 3 is an excellent car in a variety ways, and has had an undeniable impact on EV adoption. However, with Tesla seemingly ignoring its initial appeal as the electric sports sedan for the masses, a focus on making costly version of the car could prove to carry consequences. A continued wait time of 6-12 months for a low-priced model could easily send interested buyers looking elsewhere."

Source: New York Daily News Autos

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