The record run was done by an almost completely stock Tesla Model 3

We've seen a Tesla Model 3 run the Pikes Peak hill climb, doing it with ease and with a steady pace. Now, a lightly modded Model 3 just set the electric production GT car record at Laguna Seca. And no, this is not the Tesla Model 3 Performance version of the small electric sedan either.

The record-setting run was done last weekend by Cameron Rogers and his dark blue Model 3. The vehicle was slightly tuned to make it better accustomed to such a high-performance driving situation. But, overall, this Tesla Model 3 doesn't differ in any significant way when compared to the OEM vehicle.

First, Rogers improved the rather poor braking performance of the Model 3. This was done by an addition of Hawk Performance Blue 9012 Racing Brake Pads and using racing brake fluid. Additionally, a set of lightweight Enkei RAIJIN wheels sized 18x9.5 in the front and 18x9.5 in the rear was installed, alongside Hoosier racing tires. For the sticky tires, the sizes he opted in for are 255/35/18 in the front and in the rear.

In the end, Rogers’ time was 1:48.667. Currently, the lap record of 1:10.10 is held by an Acura ARX-01b - but that car comes with 558 horsepower and weighs just 825kg (1818lbs). The Tesla Model 3 did rather well and we can only expect the upcoming Model 3 Performance to do even better. Until somebody does a hot lap in that car, here's what the record-setting run looked like in the video below.

Source: Electrek

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