Everything there is to know about the upcoming Tesla Pickup Truck.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk often gets on a roll with Tweets and then it seems there's no stopping him, let alone what he might reveal. Recently, out of nowhere, he asked his Twitter followers to provide ideas for what they might want in an all-electric Tesla pickup truck.

Of course, Musk revealed that he already had some of his own ideas, but he was seeking some of the smaller nuances. Once the conversation started, there were plenty of outstanding suggestions, along with some silly replies. Musk shared his own ideas as the thread grew.

Let's recap Musk's shares:

  • 400-500 miles or more
  • Standard dual-motor all-wheel drive standard
  • Crazy torque
  • Standard dynamic adaptive suspension
  • 300,000 lb. towing capacity (most likely unrated - like pulling a jet airliner)
  • Lockers? (the guys don't seem clear about the type of lockers mentioned here - "locking differential?")
  • 240v power outlets
Watch the video and learn what Zac and Jesse (who admit to not being truck people) have to share about their understanding of Musk's Tweets.

Video Description via Now You Know on YouTube:

On today's episode of "In Depth" Zac and Jesse talk about the Tesla Pickup Truck, and all the specs that Elon Musk has been tweeting about!

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