Give me a break.

After weeks months of pushing hard to reach a burst run rate of 5,000 Model 3 sedans, the Tesla team could use a bit of a break. And, according to Bloomberg, it's getting one. Or at least the Model 3 production crew at the Fremont factory is.

Crews there have labored through extra-long working weeks to reach the goal. Besides building cars, they built an entire production line in a matter of weeks in a huge tent — or, more accurately, a "sprung structure." You can watch it get put up here.

Another notable milestone achieved in the past few weeks was the completion of the first Model 3 Performance. This variant of the mid-size sedan requires dual motors, one front, one rear, and increases the complexity of production somewhat. Musk had tweeted a picture of the red example sitting on the "tent line," or GA4 as the general assembly line is referred to internally.

The pause, however, will be short-lived. Workers are expected to return to their positions on Thursday the 5th, where they will begin chasing the next goal in the Model 3 production ramp up: 6,000 units weekly.

Other automakers also take summer breaks, though theirs are typically longer — from a week to an entire month — and are usually timed to correspond with major changes to production lines. Tesla's production line adjustments have been seemingly more spontaneous, usually shutting down for a week or less with little advance notice.

While the break is short, we hope everyone fully enjoys the time off, especially tomorrow, when we should all be focusing on fireworks and other leisurely pursuits as we enjoy the 4th  of July.

Source: Bloomberg

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