The all-electric range rating for the BMW i8 increased, but only by 21%

The BMW i8 was upgraded recently and spawned a new i8 Roadster version too, both equipped with a 11.6 kWh battery (9.4 kWh usable). According to EPA, the car is now rated for up to 17 miles (27 km) in all-electric mode.

The improvement is welcome, but we figured out that previously, the car with its 7.1 kWh (5.2 kWh usable) battery was rated at 14 miles (over 22 km), which means the range increased by only 21% after a 63% increase in battery capacity. Part of the reason is that efficiency decreased by around 10% from 76 MPGe to 69 MPGe.

The new i8 with a bigger battery gets a higher federal tax credit of $5,669, almost $1,900 more than earlier as the amount is related to the battery capacity (peaks at $7,500 for 16 kWh).

  • BMW i8 Coupe starts at $142,826 (incl. $995 dest. fee and tax credit)
  • BMW i8 Roadster starts at $158,626  (incl. $995 dest. fee and tax credit)

2019 BMW i8

2019 BMW i8

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