Porsche is readying itself to offer convenient charging services for all its customers of plug-in hybrid and all-electric models.

The German manufacturer is introducing the Porsche Charging Service (initially in several countries in Europe) that through Porsche ID card or smartphone app Mobility by Porsche will enable access to various charging stations (owned by Porsche or other networks). The Porsche Charging Service will be available for non-Porsche cars too

There will be just a single deal with Porsche and a single invoice in a month for all of the charging events. Porsche stressed that we should expect reliable network with reliable prices - we already heard that there will be no free charging from Porsche stations.

Porsche intends to install hundreds of DC fast chargers (up to 350 kW) in the U.S.

Porsche Charging Service

Porsche Charging Service

"With the Porsche Charging Service you can easily find the nearest charging stations, charge your Hybrid oder Electric car and pay just via our Smartphone app Mobility by Porsche or via the Porsche ID card.With the Porsche Charging service you can charge your car at many charging stations across Europe with one contract and one invoice per month from Porsche. The Porsche Charging Service is available for all Hybrid or Electric vehicles – even for cars of other brands.

The Porsche Charging Service is currently available in Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Belgium and Netherlands. More information can be found in the Porsche Connect Store: www.porsche.com/connect-store."

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