While active driver assistance features can't be trusted, this doesn't mean they don't prevent accidents.

Tesla Autopilot and Autosteer are under constant scrutiny. This is because the systems are far from perfect and still being updated on a regular basis. Problems occur (sometimes catastrophic) and the media gravitates toward the concerns and issues rather than the positives, which isn't necessarily a bad thing since we want drivers to make better choices with regards to the technology.

Yes, driver assistance systems shouldn't be relied upon to take the place of an actual attentive driver. This is not only true of Tesla Autopilot but all current systems. You should always be alert and engaged and follow the automaker's guidelines when using the technology.

With that being said, there are plenty of times that Tesla Autopilot and other similar safety systems have succeeded in saving a driver from an accident, we just don't hear about these that often. How often do we hear that a seatbelt saved a life? Not often. While it surely happens on a constant basis, it's not very newsworthy. However, if a seatbelt resulted in a death -- which has been the case on more rare occasions -- it would receive more media coverage.

This particular set of videos is compelling due to the fact that the Tesla Model 3 driver has captured dashcam footage of the event and a crash animation studio has taken the footage and produced an animation, complete with analysis. While this animation and analysis were not produced by one of the major government or insurance agencies that issue crash test ratings, it's still interesting to watch.

Video Description via Tesla Canuck on YouTube:

I was driving home today when some dumbass came out of nowhere and tried to run me off the road. See real dashcam footage of Tesla Autopilot taking evasive action and probably saving my life.

Crash Animation Studios was kind enough to create this amazing animation of the crash avoidance with a detailed technical analysis. I highly recommend viewing this analysis from Crash Animation Studios.

Check out the crash animation and detailed technical analysis below (additionally, you all should check out the Crash Animation Studios' website here):


Gallery: Tesla Model 3 Autopilot Saved This Owner: Tech Analysis Included


Gallery: Tesla Model 3 Autopilot Saved This Owner: Tech Analysis Included

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