Apparently, Tesla registered a batch of Left Hand Drive Model 3 VINs for the European Union

According to the watchdog group @Model3VINs, who revealed the information on Twitter, Tesla appears to be laying the foundati0n for a huge European Union push for the Model 3. This comes as part of an ongoing initiative by the U.S-based car maker to produce the Model 3 at an industrial, global scale.

The information is connected with the EU customer region due to several references suggesting the target area. The registrations come part of the latest batch of 1,481VINs registered for brand new Model 3 vehicles.

The 19 VINs that are part of the latest batch of registrations come  with a different code (“7”) for their "Restraint System." In the past, the code 7 for the Restraint System has been used by the company when denoting a Model S configured for the EU.

“The first 19 VINs (108730-108748) contain a new code (‘7’) in the 6th position, which represents the “Restraint System” for the vehicle. Although the code is not incl. in the decoder submitted to NHTSA, it appears to be used in Model S to denote an EU car.

While the push is great news for all Model 3 customers who are awaiting their vehicles, this doesn't bring a lot of sunshine to the land of right-hand drive Tesla Model 3 pre-orders. The release of the region's highly anticipated RHD version of the sedan is still most likely due in the Elon Musk estimate of mid-2019. Furthermore, the VINs only feature the Model 3 vehicles that are RWD and AWD. No Model 3 Performance - the "4" in the 8th digit of the VIN - have been registered for the EU just yet.

While the apparent ramp up in both production and delivery for the European Union is great news, we're still a long way from seeing the Model 3 in substantial numbers over there. Furthermore, customers from the United Kingdom will have to wait a bit longer to actually receive their vehicles. But, judging by the recent customer reviews, the Model 3 is on a good path of winning over even the most cautious supporters of the EV revolution over. It just remains to be seen how many of these can Elon Musk actually deliver in the following months.

Source: Teslarati

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