It wasn't initially clear that you have to purchase a package to get 'Track Mode' on the Model 3 Performance.

***UPDATE: It appears that either Tesla already had a plan in place when deciding to make Track Mode only available on the Model 3 Performance with the $5,000 Performance Upgrades Package or the automaker listened to people's concerns. Either way, it now looks like if you didn't order your Tesla Model 3 Performance with the necessary package, you'll eventually be able to add it as an aftermarket option:

This situation can and will be looked at from two different perspectives. This will be especially true if the aftermarket option is significantly more expensive than the original package, which is to be expected since that's how Tesla has historically treated upgrades and packages after the fact. Some may say that the automaker is attempting to "fix" the situation so that these owners don't miss out on the option to get Track Mode. Others will insist that this was Tesla's plan all along, coinciding with its drive toward profitability. Tesla added the option after people had already placed their orders, but now may be able to make extra profit on it by offering it as a more expensive aftermarket upgrade.

Until we have more concrete information related to specifics and pricing, it's difficult to form an opinion. The bottom line is that anyone who ordered a Tesla Model 3 Performance may now at least have the option to get the Track Mode feature.

In what some may call an unfair move, Tesla has clarified that you must opt for the Performance Upgrade Package on the Model 3 Performance in order to get Track Mode. Being that many people have already placed their order without having this information, they may have made different choices. However, Tesla has a history of leaving details like this out and making changes on a regular basis. Who knows, perhaps the availability, price, etc. will change again down the road.

While many people may not be ordering a Tesla Model 3 Performance primarily for track use, we can only imagine that there are certainly aficionados out there who were very excited to learn that the car will offer track mode. They may have even opted for the performance variant with its track capabilities in mind. This is especially true since this feature sets the Model 3 apart from the automaker's previous vehicles, which have never been known for their track prowess. But, being that the car is already quite pricey, some buyers may not be choosing to add the $5,000 Performance Upgrade Package. Now, Track Mode will not be available to these owners.

It costs $10,000 more to get the Performance version over the non-performance dual-motor, all-wheel drive Model 3. For that $10k, buyers are essentially getting the same powertrain with higher rated motors. The additional $5,000 Performance Upgrades Package gives you another 10 MPH in terms of top speed, as well as other upgrades, including red performance brake calipers, 20-inch wheels, sport tires, and a sport-tuned suspension.

We'd love to hear your thoughts. Do you think that Track Mode should be available without the purchase of the additional $5,000 package? Have you placed an order for a Model 3 Performance? Please share the details with us in the comment section below.


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