It makes our heart sing

It's been about a year since Icon delivered the Wild Thing — an electrified 1974 Type 181 restomod, originally built by Volkswagen — to one of its customers as part of its Derelict series. And while we did tell you a bit about it then, Zelectric, who worked on the project behind the scenes in collaboration with Stealth EV, recently released a video (above) that really gets into the nuts and bolts of the build.

The footage starts off where it should, showing off the performance potential of the battery-powered Thing by whipping up some nice smoky doughnuts. From there, things get calm as we join Zelectric principal David Benardo as he drives the VDub down a California coastal highway, his dulcet tones filling us in on the background of the project before moving on to the details of this specific build.

If you're as in love with the final project as we are, check out the bonus video featuring  Icon's Jonathan Ward driving the finished product while talking about it from his perspective. It's just below all the specifications listed for the Wild Thing project.  Enjoy!


38 kWh Lithium LiFePO4 battery pack (576 Enerdel lithium cells) 80– 100-mile range Battery life: 160,000+ miles 15+ years 6061-Aluminium Battery Boxes

AMR racing 3-phase 400v oil-cooled electric motor 150KW 210HP Rinehart 150kw water-cooled controller 184 foot-pounds of instant torque Estimated top speed 120

Charging Components Orion dual-BMS (battery management system) 5000W on-board charging system Built-in J1772 charge port for Level 1 & 2 home or public charging DC/DC converter (charges stock 12-volt system - lights radio etc.)

Drivetrain Improvements: Drive-by-wire throttle system Heavy Duty Clutch & Lightened Flywheel Clutch regen sensor (for smoother shifting) Custom geared Pro-Street IRS LSD transaxle with 437 R&P Hurst short-throw shifter Regen assist in-line braking sensor

Radial tires Bilstein gas shocks HD front sway bar Rear adjustable spring plates Wilwood Front Disc Brakes

Period correct stuff Vintage hardtop roof Optional convertible soft top roof Original factory Sunshine Yellow paint Original bumpers, turn signal lenses, steering wheel and trim

High-volume electric heating system LED head, brake, and running lights Wooden Duck boards Sliding glass curtains (windows) Powder coated wheels Custom ICON seats and front seat rails Custom ICON wiring harness with blade-style fuses Custom ICON interior package Custom ICON bluetooth enabled sound system

Source: YouTube

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